Kenji Ohta



  1. New paper “Combination of pulsed light heating thermoreflectance and laser-heated diamond anvil cell for in-situ high pressure-temperature thermal diffusivity measurements” (11th/July/2019)

  2. New paper “Effect of spin transition of iron on the thermal conductivity of (Fe,Al)-bearing bridgmanite” (13th/June/2019)

  3. New paper “An experimental examination of thermal conductivity anisotropy in hcp iron” (6th/Nov./2018)

  4. Alvin Van Valkenburg Award (19th/July/2018)

  5. New paper “Measurements of sound velocity in iron-nickel alloys by femtosecond laser pulses in a diamond anvil cell” (26th/Jan/2018)

  6. New appointment (1st/July/2017)

  7. New Publication (8th/March/2017)

  8. New Publication (2nd/June/2016)

  9. Encouraging prize for young researcher, The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology (16th/Oct./2015)

  10. New Publication (16th/Oct./2015)

  11. The Doornbos Memorial Prize at SEDI 2014 (8th/Aug./2014)

  12. New Publication (10th/Jun./2014)

  13. New Publication (5th/Jan./2014)

  14. My affiliation and position have been changed (1st/Nov. 2013)

  15. New publication (20th/Oct. 2013)

  16. Homepage open (29th/Mar., 2013)